Hi, it's nice to have you here !

Before you leave this page due to the presence of a huge 'Hi', and the overwhelming presence of the red color on this site, hence the total lack of good taste of your host - me, you could have a quick glance at my projects (there are cool videos that took ages to encode).

I'm sure you will be then interested in my resume. Don't worry, it's short (at least for the time being !).

Before you leave this page due to your eagerness to know more about me, I should add that you can contact me via the 'Me' section, should you be interested in my work.

Before you leave this page that tends to become really long, did I mention that I'm currently looking for a 6 months internship ?
Well not anymore, I'm in the Raving Rabbids team at Ubisoft Paris this Summer!
Update: I shipped Just Dance 2014 as well.

I'm now part of the WATCH_DOGS team as a graphics programmer!